'Levent House' Uses Geometry as the Theme for Its Various Rooms

 - Jan 3, 2017
References: coamimarlik & archdaily
Levent House is an apartment designed for a newly married couple. The apartment, which sits in an historic neighborhood in Istanbul, Turkey, adheres to a geometric theme in each of its rooms, using that rigid mathematical motif to connect the various ideas that speak to the couple with a common visual thread.

COA Mimarlik, the architecture and design firm behind Levent House, had the goal of making the apartment reflect the interests of the couple as individuals and as a unit. This including showing off things like their love of travel (through a world map decal on the dining room wall) and their own personal work as designers (as shown in the small working space that the couple uses.) In both of these areas, COA Mimarlik designed the rooms with a gridded order that merged them visually.