The Sliding Fridge Can be Accessed by Those Who are Differently Abled

 - Jan 3, 2017
References: yankodesign
The kitchen fridge isn't the most accessible for those who are in a wheelchair, so the Sliding Fridge is designed to be a more accessible option for those who are differently abled.

Designed by Han Jiyoon and Choi Youjin, the Sliding Fridge works by allowing the doors of the fridge to be opened without having to swing them open. This makes it better for seeing what's available, accessing it and even filling it with more supplies.

The Sliding Fridge features an internal sliding portion that allows drinks to be kept stored within the front portion of the kitchen fridge to make them easily accessible. The back portion of the fridge can be accessed by sliding the front portion to make it better for those in a wheelchair to reach in without feeling restricted.