From Automatic Composting Devices to App-Connected Ovens

 - Jan 29, 2017
This year's 2016 kitchen trends have been especially forward-thinking in respect to eco-friendly design and intuitively connected products.

The 'Zera Food Recycler' is an automatic composting device that could change the way in which many people dispose of their food. The device has the capacity to break down a week's worth of food scraps and turn them into fertilizer in only 24 hours – a feat that has the potential to improve the look and function of lawns while also working towards waste reduction in homes.

Connected cookware is also becoming increasingly common, with the 'Drop' scale being an example of this fact. The app-connected scale provides its users with information on the various recipes that can be made with the item they intend to cook with, as well as precise measurements to go along with those recipes. The product works to streamline the cooking process and reduce the amount of work involved – making it ideal for the busy consumer.

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