Ala Sieradzka's 'Bono' Converts Food Scraps into Plant Fertilizer

 - May 13, 2016
References: & designboom
Many households throw away a ton of scraps and food waste, that can easily be repurposed and transformed into nutrients as the 'Bono' composter by Ala Sierdzka does by converting the waste into plant fertilizer. The device is able to recycle the food into a new and usable format to grow more plants, fruits and vegetables. The cycle also helps to encourage consumers to eat more of their own home grown produce.

The 'Bono' composter is a countertop appliance that is designed to be an organic recycling unit for the home. The device accepts all sorts of uneaten, rotten or discard food scraps and is able to turn the food in the bin into fertilizer. This is thanks to earthworms inside the compost that churn the food and transform it into soil.

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