'//SKID' is a 97% Wood and 3% High Alloyed Carbon Steel Kitchen Tool

 - Dec 5, 2016
References: lignum.io & kickstarter
'//SKID' is the first wooden chef knife that is made out of 97% wood and 3% high alloyed carbon steel.

The robinia wood that is used for the body offers great characteristics: it has a very high percentage of tannin, the natural defense against bacteria. With this self-cleaning ability, you can renounce chemical cleaners -- just use warm water for cleaning. All //SKIDs are vacuum-infiltrated with linseed oil -- that protects the wood and closes the pores without loosing the anti bacterial properties of tannin. Robinia wood is also way harder than oak and a renewable resource that is ecologically sustainable.

The blade is made of a traditional high alloyed carbon steel. It offers a hardness of incredible 59 - 61 HRC and is used by traditional Japanese blacksmiths. By using this steel, the blade is sharper and offers more of a cutting edge than a typical stainless steel that is used for knife making.

//SKID is an ecologically sustainable chef knife that will change your cutting experience.