From Precision Coffee Brewers to Scissor-Inspired Food Choppers

 - Jul 30, 2016
From coffee makers designed to brew the perfect cup to kitchen knives that maintain their sharpness, the July 2016 kitchen trends reveal a growing emphasis on high-quality cooking tools. Indeed, as consumers begin to appreciate the benefits of cooking at home, there is a desire for tools that can help to bring restaurant-quality expertise to the home kitchen.

As the July 2016 kitchen trends reveal, there is a strong demand for tools that help consumers cut, chop and dice with ease. These kinds of tools can range from expertly-crafted utensils that draw inspiration from Samurai Swords to heater butter knives that use technology to make it easier to spread condiments.

Beyond precision choppers, another tool that consumers place great value on is their coffee maker. With the rise of coffee culture and advancements in brewing technology, it has become easier than ever for consumers to brew the perfect cup at home. These high-quality appliances include automated pour-over machines, affordable cold brew makers and alarm-integrated brewers.