This Oak Tumbler Replicates the Normal Aging Process of Alcoholic Drinks

 - Jun 15, 2016
References: oakbottle & oakbottle
This Oak Tumbler replicates the process of aging wine, beer and hard liquors.

The tumbler infuses oak flavors and aromas into the chosen alcohol that is poured into it. It is made from oak and has a charred interior in order to optimize and speed up the process of infusing the oak flavors into the drink. The tumbler was a purposeful choice for this product -- it has a wide brim that "allows for the release of flavor and aroma," it allows for portioned and concentrated infusing and the user can sip as they let their alcohol age. The oak tumbler itself has a rustic design with a stainless steel base and is adorned with the stamp of a lion.

This tumbler adds a sophisticated touch to the process of drinking and is perfect for anyone who enjoys enhancing their drinking experience.