From Boozy Bubble Teas to Instant Craft Beer Powders

 - Dec 20, 2016
These drinking innovations are for the alcohol connoisseur, those with an appreciation for the subtle hints of flavor that are brought out through the right combination of ingredients.

Also featured are a number of products for those who value convenience when it comes to consumption, with app-connected delivery services and canned wines in the mix. For caffeine-lovers, there's coffee-infused ales from Von Freude, a German craft brewery. To create the beer, the brewery worked with producer Fazendas Dutra to source ethical direct-trade Brazilian beans, which were then slow-roasted and added to the beer during primary fermentation.

Also included in this grouping of drinking innovations is the Carlsberg Green Fiber Bottle, sustainable paper packaging that reflects the environmentally conscious mentality that an increasing number of consumers are maintaining.