The Brookstone Rockroller Alcohol Glass Swirls and Chills Drinks

 - Jun 17, 2016
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It's common practice to swirl whiskey, scotch and other premium spirits, so the Brookstone Rockroller alcohol glass encourages this to be a ritualistic part of the drinking experience.

The glass comes with two stainless steel chilling balls that are meant to be placed in the freezer for an extended period. When they're nice and cold, the balls are incorporated into the lower portion of the glass and becomes ready for a snifter of alcohol to be added.

When the alcohol has been added to the Brookstone Rockroller alcohol glass, the drinker can swirl it to release the aroma, while the stainless steel balls within will help to cool the liquid without watering it down. This makes the experience last longer and make a single drink seem much more enjoyable.