- Dec 23, 2016
For many, furnishing and providing the right decor for their living space can be a difficult task, however this expansive selection of homeware ideas has something for everyone.

Whether the one you're buying for appreciates a minimalist look or a quirky and colorful one, there's plenty of specialized products that can add a personified touch to their home. For example, the 'Magic Carpet Chair' from Mousarris brings a unique Persian element while also offering a sleek build -- making for the perfect statement piece that isn't too overwhelming.

While aesthetic might be the most important thing when it comes to homeware ideas, many brands have fused this concept with innovative add-ons that make the lives of consumers a little easier. The 'Dream Flower' is one product that does exactly this -- with the high-tech vase artfully holding flowers and also functioning as a home-connected smart device.

From Stunning Water-Inspired Seating to Vibrant Cactus-Shaped Candles: