The Scales Rug Offers a Unique Twist on Traditional Carpeting

 - Aug 16, 2016
References: pro-ducks & design-milk
The 'Scales Rug,' designed through a collaboration between 'Producks' and 'Jauipur,' is the perfect combination of traditional and modern accents.

In a concept that took two years to fully develop, this rug adds a unique beauty to the home. Inspired by the globally popular Arabic rug style, this carpet is made from overlapping woolen shingles. The blue and white shingles come together to create a detailed, symmetrical pattern that is equal parts complex and beautiful. The modern finish of the rug combined with its more traditional design makes for the perfect home accessory.

The Scales Rug exemplifies the ways in which old and new designs can combine to make something beautiful that has not been seen before.