From Rotating Mechanism Cufflinks to Powerful Self-Defense Rings

 - Jan 29, 2017
Throughout these 2016 jewelry trends, products from both brands and celebrities have revolutionized the look of traditional accessories -- using new methods like 3D printing, drawing from specific inspirations for a highly unique look or even infusing them with scents.

The unisex bracelets from Solaris are a great example of the latter, with the brand covering its products with its own fragrance to ensure its longevity. By infusing it into the beads, the brand extends the scent by up to seven times. The essential oil necklaces from Tin Lizzie Apothecary are similar, saturating wooden pendants with relaxing natural oils.

More innovative products like these can be found within our 2017 Trend Reports as well. For those looking to dress up their pets, there's a variety of products available from the House of Amity, a brand that aims to connect owners and pets through its lavish accessories.