This Line of Imitation Butterfly Jewelry is Made from Organza and Silk

 - Mar 16, 2016
References: etsy & treehugger
Turkish designer Derya Aksoy created a line of imitation butterfly jewelry that is made entirely out of synthetic materials. While the practice of collecting and preserving butterflies used to be a common hobby, environmental concerns have largely phased out the practice. Now there is a way to enjoy the beauty of butterflies without harming endangered species in the process.

Aksoy imitation butterfly jewelry looks exactly like the real thing, despite the fact that each piece is made from synthetic materials. Using lightweight materials such as organza and silk, Aksoy creates beautiful pieces that look like monarchs, luna moths, tiger swallowtails and dragonflies. The designer is able to preserve the authentic look of each butterfly by transferring the wing patterns onto the fabric instead of trying to recreate the designs by hand. The result is a line of beautiful pieces that add a touch of nature of any outfit.