From Fabric Gem Chokers to Holographic Statement Accessories

 - Aug 25, 2015
These stylish necklaces are the statement accessories every fashion fan needs. Whether their style is more avant-garde or completely posh, these necklaces are sure to complete any minimal ensemble.

For fashion fans who are unafraid of a bold jewelry piece, the Boo and Boo Factory's holographic fringe necklace fuses festival style with a futuristic aesthetic. The Lulu Frost Scarab Necklace also makes a bold choice with is multicolored coating and exotic appeal. These statement accessories also include a wide range of bejeweled necklaces that are sure to make any outfit sparkle. Revival's Embroidered Jeweled Collar features an endless amount of crystals while the Crystal Ship Necklace by Lizzie Fortunato Jewels displays gorgeous gems that are embedded into stylish spikes.

These statement accessories continue on to include DIY options for the chic and crafty consumer.