The MoMA Bubble Necklace Doubles as a Piece of Art

 - Jun 13, 2012
The glamorous glass MoMA Bubble Necklace is a light-as-air accessory and wearable work of art. Marina and Susanna Sent, the designers behind this neck art, come from a family devoted to the production of Venetian glass. This bubble-inspired necklace is sure to break easily and should be worn with caution, as it is made from delicately hand formed glass globes.

The glass bulbs that form this accessory have been grouped into clusters that resemble bubbles, which can adorn your neck and the breakable section of your jewelry box. This eye-catching piece stunningly catches and holds light.

This neck adornment will have you bubbling with excitement every time you top off one of your outfits with this delicate decor. The MoMA Bubble Necklace is an expensive jewelry purchase at $115, but in order to justify your splurge think of it as both a piece of jewelry and also a piece of art.