The Shark Jaw Necklace by LUCIOUS Jewelry is Perfect for Shark Week

 - Aug 13, 2012
References: etsy
Shark week has finally arrived much to the joy and celebration of Discovery Channel fanatics and equally exciting is the introduction of the Shark Jaw Necklace by LUCIOUS Jewelry. Now ladies can wear their oceanic obsession, while they watch this week's endless variety of shark-saturated programming.

Designed Etsy shop owner Christy Lucious, this hand-carved creation captures the precise details of a Great White Shark's jawbone and its terrifyingly razor-sharp chompers. Made from sterling silver and polished to reveal a brilliant finish, the Shark Jaw Necklace by LUCIOUS Jewelry eloquently showcases the beauty of a deadly ocean predator.

Take a bite out of Shark Week in some appreciatively aquatic accessories that get you close to these dangerous animals, without turning into an appetizer