- Mar 25, 2015
These dessert cupcakes are amazing (not to mention tasty) if you're craving something sweet to eat, but don't want to indulge in a full course. Even though the cupcake has been around for a while, and its craze has come and passed, many bakers, brands and bloggers alike are continuing to innovate in the medium of the miniature cake. Decorating dessert cupcakes for essentially every holiday has become a thing now. It's also a great way to show your love for various elements of pop culture. And this doesn't even touch on all the savory cupcakes emerging.

You can experiment with cupcakes in basically two ways: with toppings or cake ingredients. Toppings are an easy way to show festive flair, as seen with spooky tree cupcakes for Halloween or creamy rabbit egg cupcakes for Easter. You can also incorporate seasonal ingredients in your baking, for example autumnally appropriate apple cupcakes.

From Whipped Minty Frosted Treats to Chocolatey Football Confections: