These Avengers Cupcakes are the Tastiest Way to Geek Out

Gear up for the much anticipated release of 'The Avengers' movie with these heroic Avengers Cupcakes. Created by the baking blogger Aikko, from the delicious blog 'Bake Happy,' these evil-fighting confections are rich, moist and oh-so geeky. Celebrate the members of this epic fighting force by immortalizing them on a delicious sugary snack -- you and your sweet tooth won't regret it.

Comprised of innocent cupcakes souped up with some fine fondant art, these Avengers Cupcakes will knock the socks off of comic book fanatics everywhere. Aikko provides an exhaustive step-by-step how-to that makes creating these labor-intensive treats a snap. You'll feel like a whiz in the kitchen while you're rolling out the Black Widow's flaming red hair with the greatest of ease.

Be a hero to the comic book geek in your life by whipping up a batch of these crime-fighting cakes.