- Jul 22, 2014
This list of social media snacks illustrates society's obsession with all things tech-related. If we are not scanning Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on our phones, we are often spending hours on our personal blog platforms when we aren't searching for inspiration on Tumblr and Pinterest.

Inspired by our love for various web platforms, these social media snacks celebrate online culture and make a great birthday gift or party favor for tech-obsessed guests.

Memorable examples from this list include edible Instagram cookies by Baking for Good. The company turns your photo memories into delicious sugar cookies that are a great novelty product for consumers of all ages.

Another great example is Stoyn's Facebook Ice Pop that is a replica of Mark Zuckerberg's head. This clever frozen treat was designed as a part of the site's marketing campaign and is a great way to engage the platform's dessert-obsessed fans.

From Twitterific Confections to Facebook Founder Desserts: