QKies QR Code Icing Links the Consumer to the Baker's Virtual Message

 - Oct 10, 2011
References: qkies.de & springwise
QR codes are cropping up just about everywhere, but few would have guessed that they would show up on cookies next. The new German brand of biscuits called QKies is cooked full of possibilities, and ultimately the baker decides what how the consumer can connect with his food.

Juchem Gruppe made this cooperative project happen, poised for the promise of what this scrumptious QKies concept can serve up. At the moment, the product is designed to be ordered online with customized ciphers, baked at home and branded with the special enclosed QR codes that are printed onto edible stickers. Sent away as a gift, invitations or a marketing scheme, the batch of QKies can be scanned with a smartphone, directing the recipients to a webpage of the chef's choosing.