These Clever Packaging Designs Incorporate Unique QR-Enabled Features

 - Mar 31, 2015
QR codes are widely considered one of the last effective strategies aimed at increasing consumer engagement across social media platforms, enticing consumers to interact with the brand through the incorporation of unique QR-enabled features.

QR code campaigns are particularly useful in product packaging designs as they encourage continued brand awareness after the consumer has already made the purchase.

Successful recent examples of QR-enabled features include a Budweiser bottle that adds others users on Facebook, a Sephora box that links to product ingredient information as to not interfere with the packaging's sleek aesthetics and Australia Post's 'Video Stamp' campaign, which enables users to add a video message to their snail mail packages through the use of a QR code.

QR code campaigns are particularly popular in Asia, given that the majority of smartphones purchased there already have a QR code reading software pre-installed, which is not possible on the iOS platform.