The Scarratt Potato Packaging Design is Made with Adaptable Brown Paper

 - Jun 30, 2015
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This potato packaging design was created by Rebecca Stanton for T.N. & A.M. Scarratt of Lindridge Hall Farm. Filled with Leicestershire potatoes from the United Kingdom, the adaptable potato bags come in three different sizes: 25 kg, 15 kg and a mini-sized free trial pack.

The artisanal potato packaging design reflects the differences in red and yellow potatoes with differently colored sun rays and names: Marfona and Desiree. The brown paper bag also gives the produce a home-grown feel.

In an effort to better interact with their customers, the Scarratt potato packaging also has a QR code on every bag. This enables customers or other people interacting with the bags to scan to order a sack of potatoes. There also appears to be an accompanying app.