From Pizza Dough Posters to Baked Business Cards

 - Jul 7, 2015
As a consumer, being bombarded with advertising isn't always easy to stomach, but these examples of edible marketing are much more palatable and pleasing to the senses. Billboards made out of cake, business cards that double as cookies and pizza posters made from real dough are just a few of the ways that food products are being used to advertise themselves.

One of the quirkiest examples of food used as a marketing tool comes from Dole. Two years in a row, the brand created bananas to give out at the end of a Tokyo marathon, embedded with QR codes, finish times, GPS capabilities and LED displays.

Some of the more indulgent examples of edible marketing with desserts include Mr Kipling's 'Life is Better with Cake' billboard and SureSlim's chocolate flyers.