The RedPepper Oreo QR Code is Technology You Can Lick

 - Sep 26, 2011
References: redpepperland.tumblr & engadget
Feast your eyes on the RedPepper Oreo QR code. The kooky creative minds inside the integrated ad agency have created an edible QR code using 441 original and golden Oreos. Yes, Oreos are no longer just for twisting, licking and dunking. These childhood favorites are embarking on their first foray into the wild and wacky world of social marketing. RedPepper's tasty take on QR codes was assembled as part of a series of creative internal projects, which the company organizes in order to stimulate and entertain their employees.

Much like the strange goals one sets for themselves when flinging pencils at the ceiling of their barren university dorm room, this playful project serves no greater purpose and sets out only to answer one question no one, save the people at RedPepper, has ever asked themselves: can you scan a cookie? I can say with certainty that the results of this experiment are a little disappointing, but speaking as a person who has an unhealthy fascination with mosaics and cookies, whether or not the oreas are scan-able is completely beside the non-existent point.

So, try to keep your saliva off the keyboard and watch this delicious exercise unfold. The RedPepper Oreo QR code is technology that is sure cause a stir with Cookie Monsters everywhere.