Carlsberg's Free Beer Billboard Serves Samples on Tap

 - Apr 9, 2015
References: prexamples & theguardian
Countless alcohol brand advertisements try to tempt consumers to go out and buy a product, but this billboard from Carlsberg creatively quenches thirst by offering free beer on tap. The 40' poster is part of Carlsberg's #ProbablytheBest campaign, promising that this advertisement is "Probably the best poster in the world." Public approaching the poster have the chance to drink up an icy cold half lager. Set up on the side of an Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, a line of beer lovers was quick to form.

Since the prospect of free beer being given out on the street could take a turn for the worse, people were limited to redeeming one beer from the poster and Carlsberg stationed a security guard dressed in ordinary clothes nearby to keep everyone in order.

From a marketing perspective, this hybrid sampling billboard is an ingenious way to create a want for a product and immediately give a consumer what they crave.