The Steve Jobs Inspired Cake Shop is Taking Europe by Storm

Internet Week Europe is doing the rounds, and the Steve Jobs Inspired Cake Shop is all set to impress the sweetly starved cupcake lovers with a finger-lickin’ stash of cakes.

The curator of Cake & Chaos, Miss Cakehead is having a one day sale on November 9th that will celebrate the luxury geeky cupcakes that are Mac-inspired with Steve Jobs, angry birds, iPhones or apple prints on the cakes. If you find yourself feeling guilty about munching on these oh-so-glorious cupcake delights, then you can shake off that guilt as the money goes to UK charity Pancreatic Cancer on behalf of Steve Jobs.

The Internet Week Europe is a five-day event that celebrates the glorifying and fast-moving Internet industry. Munch on these scrumptious Steve Jobs Inspired Cakes that will have you drooling for more.