- Jun 15, 2015
Meal mash-ups are a great way to enjoy a number of flavors and foods in one dish. Whether cultural or a foodie experiment, these tasty hybrids are made to serve a variety of food lovers.

While funnel cake cheeseburgers fuse savory and sweet flavors, vegan burger hybrids appeal to a vegan and/or vegetarian audience. Cultural meal mash-ups are also an innovation to try. Such dishes as deep-friend pizza tacos and pizza quesadilla hybrids offer popular Mexican foods mixed with Italian delicacies. While the aforementioned meals make for a hearty lunch or dinner, there are also a line of mash-up desserts worth indulgence.

Potato chip cookies and pretzel-infused confections provide both salty and sweet flavors. Unlike croissant muffins which offer a sweet taste and spicy cinnamon kick.

From Bold Hybrid Biscuits to Vegan Burger Hybrids: