The Cinnaburger is the Love Child Between Dinner and Sugary Treats

 - Jul 1, 2012
References: dudefoods & incrediblethings
It perhaps sounds more appetizing than it really is, the Cinnaburger is not a dessert fashioned in the style of a burger but rather a hollowed-out cinnamon bun stuffed with ground beef and bacon.

While the concept is fairly straightforward -- combine dinner and dessert into one main course -- the product of this pairing may be the result of a premature heart attack. Created by Nick of DudeFoods, the pairing of ground beef with sugary cinnamon goodness is apparently quite delicious.

Similar to the creations by the team at Epic Meal Time, the burger/dessert hybrid packs a whopping calorie count bound to send one's blood sugar through the roof. However it should be stated that everything in moderation is a healthy approach. One Cinnaburger can't hurt can it?