- Oct 24, 2014
People have been mixing food combinations forever, but these hybrids are truly unexpected. By taking not just an unusual spread of ingredients, but of whole foods on their own, these mashups are sure to have you drooling, or at the very least curious.

Many of these food combinations are in sandwich form. Ramen is a popular choice, as seen in peculiar ramen poutines, grilled ramen sandwiches and mouthwatering noodle burgers. Macaroni and cheese is another common choice, such as cheesy bacon lasagna, fried macaroni burger buns and cheesy macaroni cones. You can't ignore desserts either, especially the cronut. For example, there are chocolate bacon twinkies and croissant inspired desserts. Bacon is an extremely frequently used option whether it's a savory or sweet dish. S'mores also apparently go with everything.

From Bacon S'more Sandwiches to Chocolate Croissant Donut Holes: