Dudefoods' Towering Pig Mac is Loaded with Macaroni, Bacon and Pork

 - Aug 18, 2014
References: dudefoods
Sometimes it's not easy to decide what you want to eat for dinner, but this DudeFoods recipe is the ultimate comfort food burger, combining multiple meals into one gigantic sandwich.

Aptly dubbed 'The Pic Mac,' is built from the bottom up using a 1/3 pound ground bacon patty, bacon cheddar cheese, a few strips of crispy bacon, barbecued pulled pork and if that isn't enough bacon for you, it's all topped off with a serving of bacon mac 'n' cheese. The sandwich is so tall, it is prone to toppling and falling apart, but if you happen to be a bacon fiend, there's no way that you'll miss out on getting a taste of bacon with every bite.