From Bunless Meat Sandwiches to Towering Macaroni Burgers

 - Jul 20, 2015
Burgers are a traditionally delightful dish that can be devoured noon or night, but taking this meal a step further with some bizarre burger buns can spice things up. Almost anything can be a bun, including lettuce. This is a great way to enjoy a beefy burger and avoid the wheat.

There are other ways to go bunless by subbing out the bread for a meat patty to get a little extra protein in every bite. The option of creating an all-in-one burger instead of having a side of fries is easy by making the french fries into the bun!

For those who are looking for a new way to enjoy a classic meal there are so many ways to reintroduce a burger to your taste buds by trying out a few bizarre burger buns.