PornBurger's The Spamela Anderson Uses Upside Down Pineapple Cake

 - Feb 2, 2015
From culinary genius Mathew Ramsey of the PornBurger food blog comes a pineapple burger inspired by Pamela Anderson. As the burger's name suggests, The Spamela Anderson also incorporates Spam (a brand of canned pre-cooked spiced ham).

Instead of regular hamburger buns, this stacked creation uses upside down pineapple cake to sandwich all sorts of meaty goodness. The beef patty is ground with Spam and is topped with crispy jalapeño rubbed bacon and a sharp cheddar riesling cheese. Described as "stacked with all kinds of salty, sweet and is not afraid to flaunt it," the pineapple burger even has a cherry on top.

This is just the latest PornBurger concoction inspired by a celebrity. Previous burgers had Bill Murray, James Franco, Willem Dafoe and Marilyn Monroe themes.