From Hawaiian Enchiladas to Energy-Boosting Blended Beverages

 - Jun 8, 2015
With summer on the way, these tropical pineapple recipes will help to get you in the mood for the warmer days ahead. From Hawaiian-inspired dishes to boozy tropical drinks, pineapple is the perfect fruit for adding a touch of tangy sweetness to any recipe.

Although it is difficult to incorporate most fruits into savory meals, pineapple has always been a perfect pairing for everything from cheesy pizzas to gourmet burgers. Of course, many chefs have begun experimenting with the tropical fruit in other entrees as well, such as ginger garlic steak tacos, Hawaiian-themed enchiladas and chopped chicken salads.

Beyond savory dinners, these pineapple recipes demonstrate that the popular fruit is a welcome addition to all kinds of boozy beverages as well. Pineapple pairs well with other fruits for a sweet twist on a classic sangria recipe, or even as a fun garnish on a tropical margarita. And if you're interested in a non-alcoholic beverage, pineapples make a sweet and refreshing addition to smoothies.