This Pina Colada Cake Pays Tribute to the Popular Island Drink

If you're looking to add a tropical flare to your desserts this summer season this pina colada cheesecake recipe is filled with the luscious taste of pineapple and coconut.

This pina colada cheesecake is made by layering various homemade crusts and custards together. Begin by picking up a few margarita glasses to make this cheesecake look like a cocktail. Then layer a graham cracker crust to the bottom of the glass. Follow it up with a layer of homemade lemon-infused cheesecake mouse on the bottom, then a pineapple curd on top and finally a layer of toasted coconut. Your guest can enjoy eating this cheesecake parfait with a spoon as if it was a frozen pina colada drink. This tropical cheesecake would be great to serve at parties, birthdays or even bridal showers.