- Jan 5, 2016
These nutritious dessert offerings allow health-conscious consumers to indulge in something sweet without compromising their diet. These products are largely in response to a growing segment of consumers who want to eat a more well-rounded diet, but aren't necessarily willing to give up the occasional treat.

Instead of simply offering a low-calorie version of their products, companies are looking for more creative ways to give their food a healthy makeover. One way that companies are doing this is by replacing unhealthy ingredients such as refined sugar and artificial flavoring with healthier options. Some examples of these nutritious dessert offerings include ice cream made from almond milk, Christmas cakes sweetened with cane sugar and chocolate brownies made from black beans.

Beyond simply swapping out unhealthy ingredients, many companies have also sought to bolster the nutritional value of their products. This can mean fortifying a dessert with extra protein or adding superfoods to an existing product. Some nutrient-dense dessert options include protein-packed cookies, flaxseed chocolate bars and exotic superfood yogurts.

From Healthy Bean Brownies to Flaxseed Chocolate Bars: