This Organic Topping Can Be Added to Baked Goods and Hot Beverages

 - Jun 11, 2015
References: rodales
These organic cacao wafers from Rodale's are made with 100% heirloom cacao and can be used to make healthier versions of hot chocolate beverages and tasty baked goods.

The healthy toppings are a great addition to candies, chocolates and energy bars and can even be added to one's coffee when boosting flavor. In addition to being low in sugar, these organic cacao wafers are also proven to boost one's energy and enhance mood levels when consumed.

Priced at a $18 rate, the treats are sold by the jar and are made in California. Featuring locally sourced ingredients, the cacao toppings are certified organic, kosher and adhere to gluten-free diet restrictions. Moreover, they can be consumed as a light snack that stops low sugar levels in their tracks.