From Chocolate-Covered Insects to Organic Artisan Chocolates

 - May 5, 2017
With a growing number of consumers interested in leading a more 'green' lifestyle, there is greater demand for sustainable snack options. Whether it is desserts made from organic ingredients or sweet treats packed with insect protein, there are a wide range of eco-friendly snacks to choose from.

For those who are truly invested in choosing more sustainable snack options, there are a number of brands that are opting for unconventional ingredients. More specifically, brands are turning to insects as a way to create treats that are healthy and good for the planet. This includes options such as Coast's cricket-based protein bars, Don Bugito's chocolate-covered insects and Cricket Flours' protein-rich brownie mix.

For those who are simply looking to swap out traditional ingredients for more sustainable ones, there are a variety of insect-free options. For example, Rigoni di Asiago makes a chocolate hazelnut spread made from cold-pressed sunflower oil instead of environmentally damaging palm oil. Similarly, Camelicious is a line of frozen ice cream desserts that use camel's milk as a sustainable alternative to cow's milk.