Chapul's Cricket Bars Include Dark Chocolate and Matcha Varieties

 - May 3, 2017
References: instagram & chapul
Healthy snack manufacturer Chapul specializes in cricket flour energy bars that are as sustainable as they are delicious. The brand's sampler pack consists of four tasty flavor varieties that include Aztec, a blend of dark chocolate and cricket flower, along with Matcha which is infused with the detoxifying green tea powder. The pack also includes a Thai bar, infused with ginger and coconut ingredients, and lastly Chaca which combines peanut butter and milk chocolate additives.

These sustainable snacks are high in nutrients and iron, and offer a more environmentally friendly protein source than competing products which are made with animal-based proteins. In addition to contributing to air pollution, plants that process traditional milk proteins also rely heavily on significant water consumption -- something cricket flour energy brand Chapul aims to eliminate with more ethical practices.