From Latte-Flavored Lollipops to Dessert-Inspired Protein Bars

 - Oct 18, 2017
These healthy confections range from latte-flavored lollipops to dessert-inspired protein bars. Allowing consumers to indulge responsibly -- and without the guilt associated with most candy offerings -- honey-based gummy bears, teeth-cleaning confections, and raw ingredient snack bars replace artificial sweeteners with a more health-conscious alternative.

When looking at bean-to-bar chocolates, organic favorites include Compartes' Vegan Kale bars and the brand's avocado-flavored products. The healthy chocolates are not only nourishing but also feature a unique flavor profile that makes them a treat for experimental foodies with an appreciation for exotic ingredients.

Other healthy confection favorites include acai berry sorbet bites and energy-boosting chocolates that are a great alternative to more caloric candy bars and ice cream offerings.