Primal Future's Healthy Products are All Based in an Important Protein

 - May 9, 2017
References: & kickstarter
Primal Future is a snack brand that offers a sustainable protein that many people in North America are not used to consuming.

While crickets have been, and in some cases still are, a crucial source of protein in many countries around the world, North Americans are not as used to consuming them. Primal Future aims to change this fact by offering snacks based in cricket powder. The brand offers high protein snacks like its Cacao & Almond Primal Bites, and also sells organic cricket powder on its own by the pack. Its website also offers a range of nutritious recipes consumers can make with cricket flour, including an avocado, beetroot, chocolate and cricket cake, and cricket powder protein crackers.

Primal Future works to provide people with a more sustainable and just as diverse protein as the ones that are most commonly consumed.