- Aug 28, 2018
With Mardi Gras 2019 scheduled for the 5th of March, restaurants and vendors are looking for inspiration regarding tasty Cajun food products that will delight consumers, as well as make for a successful event and an unforgettable celebration. The majority of available dishes on the market draw inspiration from traditional offerings and infuse them with experimental and future-facing ingredients.

Aketta, for example, is a company that launched dry-roasted cricket snacks, featuring a special Sweet-N-Spicy Cajun flavor. On one hand, this reflects the emergence of a new sustainable source of protein. On the other, it embraces the taste of Southern Louisiana.

Disney World is another instance that can inform the development of Cajun food products for the upcoming festival. The company offers beignets — a snackable deep-fried choux pastry, with a boozy twist.

From Blackberry-Flavored Beignets to Cajun-Spiced Chicken Sandwiches: