The 'Swamp Dragon' Hot Sauce Base is Made with Spirits Instead of Vinegar

At the Winter Fancy Food Show, Swamp Dragon set itself apart as a new and noteworthy hot sauce brand—one that sets itself apart with a unique hot sauce base. While many hot sauces are made with vinegar to increase the acidity, preserve the product and unite the ingredients, Swamp Dragon favors spirits like bourbon, tequila, rum and vodka instead.

Like any classic hot sauce, these inventive products may be used to enhance everything from pizza and tacos to cocktails. The Vodka Dragon is said to have the "purest pepper flavor of any hot sauce in the world," while The Bourbon Dragon boasts a flavor that is sweet and smoky.

Swamp Dragon was developed with food scientists and students alike, as part of Louisiana State University’s Ag Center Food Incubator.