From Flavorful Hot Sauce Whiskeys to Sleek Design-Forward Branding

 - Aug 22, 2018
As these hot sauce innovations show, the flavorful spicy foot topper is something of an obsession for some consumers, with many choosing to make it the focus of every bite, or even the scent that permeates their home, as one example reveals.

Included are a number of new flavor combinations, such as the all-natural hot sauce from Chut Up. In addition to its Peri Peri Hot Sauce, the brand offers a few other condiments that all make use of natural ingredients that have South African spices at the forefront. With these rich flavors consuming the palette, Chut Up has no need to add in refined sugars, instead using monk fruit and erythritol to balance its products out.

Also highlighted is the Légal Hot Sauce that features a bold Brazilian-inspired flavor combination, with the malagueta pepper featured in the recipe. Another all-natural option, Légal Hot Sauce is recognized for the ultra-fresh and distinctive flavor that makes it stand out.