- Jul 20, 2018
The land of drink and food hybrid creations is a largely unpredictable category that can surprise, delight and disappoint. This inclusive list of menu items includes culinary combinations that might sound strange but have the potential to be delicious.

Of course, food hybrids like the 'cruffin' — a treat that joins the taste of a muffin and a croissant, or Krispy Kreme's cookie-inspired doughnuts are difficult not to like. However, there are those creations that raise a few eyebrows and one never knows until after the tasting experience. This includes items like the taco croissant, the tiramisu-sushi bites, the ramen ice cream pints and more.

Whether the food hybrid is the result of combining cultural cuisines or types of textures and tastes, the category is definitely an exiting endeavor in taste experimentation.

From Ice Cream-Stuffed Bagels to Cheesy Macaroni Snack Donuts: