7-Eleven's Mint Dorayaki is a Special-Edition Convenience Store Snack

 - Dec 29, 2017
References: sej.co.jp & japantimes.co.jp
In Japan, 7-Eleven recently unveiled a unique new convenience store snack inspired by a traditional Japanese confection. A dorayaki is typically made with two small pancake-like patties made from castella that are wrapped to cover a filling of sweet red bean paste. 7-Eleven released a mint chocolate dorayaki as a variation on this idea, inspired by the popularity of its Mint Crunky ice cream bar in the summer months.

The wintry confection includes a chocolate exterior and a lightweight whipped filling of chocolate chips, introducing a fun and festive new take on a classic treat.

Although the convenience store confection lacks the chilled component that consumers enjoy most during the summer months, it still offers the refreshing flavor of mint.