- Aug 14, 2018
This list of kid-friendly desserts is able to satisfy a wide range of tastes and dietary restrictions. From picky eaters to those with food allergies, the industry definitely offers sweet creations that are suitable for everyone.

For adults that are concerned for their child's nutrition, companies like thinkKIDS and Cloud10 create snackable recipes that are rich in protein. Children who are sensitive to gluten, dairy or nuts, can enjoy a range of kid-friendly desserts that accommodate these limitations. In addition, to better engage a youthful audience, a lot of the desserts rely on playful character-based packaging, hybridization of flavors — the candy-infused frozen snacks, for example, as well as interactive games like Jell-O's gelatin kits and Jenn Sandercock's gamified cooking book.

From Dippable Yogurt Snacks to Dessert-Flavored Vegan Cookies: