Delici's Soufflé Desserts are Packaged in Reusable Ceramic Ramekins

 - Jan 17, 2018
References: packagingdigest
Rather than risk having a homemade soufflé fall flat, consumers are now easily able to purchase soufflé desserts from Delici in packaging that already includes ready-to-use red ceramic ramekins.

The Dark Chocolate Soufflé was said to be "specifically created for the Christmas through Valentine’s Day period. Once emptied, the ceramic pots can be reused for a variety of baking and cooking purposes, or even stylish storage solutions within the home.

Targeting the busy consumer who loves to entertain, brands are launching a variety of desserts like
yogurt, mousse and gelato in ready-to-serve pots, some of which are oven-safe. Although it is by no means difficult to find desserts packaged in single-serve plastic packaging, materials like glass and ceramic are being favored for these applications for their premium quality and their ability to be reused.