- Feb 25, 2018
Gin-flavored popcorn and chef-quality food deliveries are just some of the unique innovations highlighted in this list of February 2018 food trends.

Brands are leveraging personalization and customization to present the more audacious foodie with a myriad of unconventional menu offerings, like eyeball-garnished cocktails or french toast bites equipped with injectable syrups. As expected, overindulgence plays a huge factor in February's food offerings, with affordable brands like Red Lobster introducing luxurious menu items, like its over-the-top lobster pastas. On a similar note, Dr. Oetker introduced a limited-edition deep dish pizza that's sure to please the hungriest of foodies.

Additionally, brands are getting more artistic with food presentation to cater to a social media-savvy generation, who value the Instagram-friendly nature of pretty dessert offerings like Disney's rose gold cupcakes, or the photographic interior of Superbaba's Victoria-based shop.

From Gin-Flavored Popcorn to Chef-Quality Food Deliveries: