'Tamalitoz' are Made with Chili Powder, Dehydrated Lime Juice and Sea Salt

 - Jan 16, 2018
References: sugarox & candyindustry
The majority of candies are first and foremost thought of as sweet, but these chili candies provide an entirely different flavor experience.

Tamalitoz by Sugarox are hard candies that are at once sweet, tangy and spicy, as they are made with natural chili powder, dehydrated lime juice and sea salt. The candies are colored with all-natural food coloring such as beet powder, spirulina and turmeric, which are commonly used to replace red, blue and yellow dyes that are artificial. The unique confections are offered in unconventional varieties such as: Lip Smacking Mango, Tantalizing Tamarind, Cucumber Extravaganza and Divine Watermelon.

Across the food and beverage industry, consumers are looking for complex flavor experiences that go above and beyond the one-note flavors that they have become all too familiar with.