From Retro American Donuts to 90s Lollipop Sodas

 - Jan 11, 2018
As restaurant cooks and food companies embrace new flavors and cultural fusion dishes, consumers are beginning to crave retro snacks at a faster rate, making these nostalgic food innovations a hit among the masses. Not only does the redirection to classic fast food items suggest the deep-seeded generational nostalgia, but it also allows for the novelty of 50s-styled commercials, diners and nostalgic food truck branding.

From the relaunch of the 90s beloved Lunchables to the classic American diner donuts and staple cheeseburgers, nostalgic food innovations are a welcome memento of the carefree child. Companies like Wienerschnitzel and OREO are hopping on the bandwagon of the retro food craze, offering their products at a decently affordable price. In the meanwhile, grown-ups and Millennials are tapping into their inner child.